Cooking Club!

I started a cooking club in 2006 when I was living in Salt Lake City, Utah. We met once a month and each month the theme and host changed. That cooking club is still going strong and gets new members every couple of months. Getting together with a group of dynamic ladies and meeting new friends and sharing laughs over good food and good wine is an amazing thing. 

As soon as I moved to Ohio, I joined a moms group that offered a monthly cooking club. I look forward to trying out new recipes each month and enjoying a wide variety of dishes with new friends that also share a love of cooking and good drinks.

If you love to cook and bake and enjoy trying new foods and need a little social outlet, I would suggest starting up or finding a cooking club in your area! It's so much fun!
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Food Photos and Recipes from past Cooking Clubs.
2012, pictures and recipes coming soon!

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  • 10 ingredients or less
  • 70's: Food and attire inspired by the 70's.
  • Appetizers / Hors D’oeuvre
  • April Fools: Anything goes. No one knows beforehand what you're bringing.
  • April Showers: Baby and Wedding Shower Foods
  • Back-to-School (September): Lunch box classics remade.
  • Beginnings and Ending: Tasty Appetizers and Sweet Treats 
  • Beers and Brew. All dishes must be made with beer. Don't forget the desserts! Chocolate Stout Cake, Apple Ale Cupcakes, Pumpkin Beer Streusel Muffins...
  • Blog-a-licious: Make recipes from your favorite foodie blog. Share the blog with your friends.
  • Brunch
  • Chocolate and Coffee: All dishes must contain either ingredient and can be sweet or savory.
  • Comfort Foods
  • Favorite or Unique Cookbooks: Everyone makes a dish from one specified cookbook. Try something fun like an Indian Cookbook to change it up.
  • Cookie Exchange: (We also serve a few soups and breads to balance out the cookies).
  • Fall Harvest: Making dishes with what's in season.
  • Family Favorites: Share your favorite family recipe and the history or story with it.
  • Farmer's Market: Head down to your local farmer's market and get inspired!
  • Favorite Chef: Pick a chef and everyone makes one of their recipes.
  • Figure Friendly Foods: Healthy dishes and recipes that include nutritional information.
  • Foods on sticks: If it can be served on stick (fruit skewers, mini hot dogs, bread, grilled shrimp, olives and cheese, lolly pops...) you can bring it.
  • French, Italian, Greek, Indian etc.
  • Hawaiian Luau: (with tropical luau attire)
  • In Season: Summer, Winter, Fall, Spring. Find out what's in season and cook with it.
  • Irish Cuisine or Something Green
  • Julie and Julia: Watch the movie and have everyone bring a dish from the "Mastering the art of French Cooking" cookbook.
  • Local Dishes: What is your state famous for? Is there a drink or sauce or food that is unique to your state?
  • Made from a Mix
  • Made from Scratch
  • Mexican Fiesta: Complete with decorations, pinata and margaritas.
  • On the Grill: All dishes must be prepared by grill
  • Personal Cooking Class: Find a local chef that will come to your house and teach a private cooking class for your group.
  • Picnic in the mountains (or at the park) / It's nice to have a change of venue.
  • Pie: Sweet or Savory
  • Pizza Party: The host provides the dough and sauces, the members bring their favorite toppings! Assemble and bake together. You could also assign one or two members to bring a salad and/or dessert.
  • Pregnancy cravings: Every member has to make one of the favorite dishes of the mommy-2-be.
  • Presidential Favorites: In honor of presidents day, each member draws a presidents name and then makes their favorite dish. You'll have to do some research for this one.
  • Raw night- No heat can be used to prepare the dishes.
  • Recipes from a Package: Look through your cabinets and refrigerator.
  • Secret Ingredient: Each member is emailed a specific ingredient one week before cooking club, and has to make a dish pertaining to the ingredient.
  • Secret Spice: Assign everyone a unique spice that must be the dominate flavor in the dish. It's a good way to learn about and try new spices!
  • Side Dishes: Because we all could use a few good side dish recipes up our sleeve.
  • Sit Down Dinner: Everyone is assigned a course. It's more formal and you sit down and eat each course in order. Members can be assigned drinks to go with certain courses as well.
  • Soups and Salads
  • Spa Day: Simple, refreshing foods. Serve water with floating fruit or cucumbers. Break out a bottle of nail polish for manicures.
  • Spirits: Each dish must contain a liquor.
  • Sushi/Japanese: Roll your own sushi, sip on miso and chug back a saki bomb.
  • Tapas: Small finger foods or appetizers. Sangria is a must!
  • Vegetarian
  • Wine Pairing. Bring your favorite bottle of wine and dish/appetizer/snack to go with it.
  • Witches Night Out (Halloween): Eerie edibles and Poisonous libations. Also, dishes inspired by Halloween colors
  • Wraps and Rolls: If you can wrap or roll it...lettuce wraps, spring rolls, pumpkin roll


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