Monday, June 30, 2008

Orange Cream

So, I make this yummy cake called an Orange Cream Pavé. It's a french dessert and the word pavé refers to it's square "paver like" shape.

It consists of three parts:
Vanilla cake
Orange cream filling and
Orange buttercream frosting.

Well, I usually double the cake recipe to make a 6 layer cake, but the whole cake is pretty time intensive and this extra step makes it even more so. Anyway, I made the recipe as is and had lots of filling and frosting leftover, so I put the filling to good use.

I cut up some fresh strawberries, banana's and grapes and topped them with the orange cream. It was sooo luscious and good. (I will post the recipe one of these days)

Another refreshing more healthy fruit bowl to make if you have an orange:

Grate an orange and then cut it up into bite-size pieces, reserving the zest and one slice of orange.

Cut up whatever fresh fruit you have on hand. Toss all the fruit and orange pieces with the orange zest and squeeze the reserved slice of orange over the top.

This was really good and refreshing. The strawberries and banana's were so yummy soaked in the orange juice.

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shauna said...

That photo makes my mouth water. That's a great way to pep up the ole fruit bowl!


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