Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Copper Onion

A fabulous new restaurant will be opening mid January in downtown Salt Lake called The Copper Onion. We met the nice owner and head chef Ryan and his wife Colleen who is the restaurants GM at a dinner last night hosted by our lovely friend Sarah. Ryan and his sous chef Jaime prepared three delicious courses for us that were all paired with a very tasty red wine. If the dishes we tasted last night are any indication of what The Copper Onion will be like, then I think we're all in for a big treat. Each dish was so flavorful and fun. We happily devoured, beef short-rib stuffed peppers, shredded pork shoulder with house made sausage and leek puree, ricotta and pickled beet salad, roasted duck with toasted brussels sprouts and chickpeas with pine nuts and star anise. Every dish was really amazing. We finished off the evening with a nice spread of gourmet cheeses. We had a wonderful time and it was a pleasure meeting Ryan and Colleen as well as some of the other lovely couples that joined us and we are really excited for The Copper Onion to open!

Ryan plating the shredded pork shoulder along with the beautiful leek puree and the unbelievably good house made sausage. Yum!

One of Ryan signature dishes. Chickpeas with pine nuts and star anise. The combination of flavors worked really well together. I think everyone was surprised how tasty it was.

This picture doesn't do these shredded short-rib stuffed peppers justice. These were probably the crowd favorite. Sooo good!

Citrus salad with black-eyed peas. Sounds odd, but it was really good.

Again, the sausage was amazing.

Roasted duck with caramelized brussels sprouts. Yes, it was delicious.

One of the fine wines we sipped on. We started off with a really good white wine that we enjoyed with a Gruyere and ham foccacia appetizer that Sarah made and then moved to reds for the dinner courses.

Support your local restaurants! Make sure to visit The Copper Onion when it opens next month. Your taste buds will thank you.


Anonymous said...

Hahaha!!! I love Ryan and coleen!! They are really good friends with my parents!!! Can't wait for the big opening!!! Thanks for posting this!!!!

Stuart said...

Hmmm, looks excellent! Will be keeping a keen eye on these guys :)



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