Sunday, April 20, 2008

Imitation Just as Good

Is it worth spending the extra money on pure vanilla extract? or even double strength? or expensive boutique vanilla vs imitation? Not according to America's test kitchen. They tested eight different vanilla's ranging from inexpensive imitation to pricey pure vanilla extracts in frosting, crème anglaise, yellow cake, cupcakes and chocolate chip cookies. The results were surprising. To read the full article, click here.


shauna said...

Good to know. I do like a vanilla bean when making my/martha's rice pudding. Even though according to america's test kitchens, I used an old dried up one. Now, thanks to your valuable info. I will now go out in search of a better vanilla bean and Martha Martin's rice pudding will be the bomb.

Kaia Bug said...

Yes, Martha Martin. I really love the $19 Nielsen-Massey Vanilla, but when I learned imitation tested just as well, I was bummed. Why would ground wood pulp soaked in alcohol taste the same in baked goods as real vanilla beans? But pastry chefs and food connoisseur alike couldn't tell the difference and some even preferred the fake stuff. Weird.


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