Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Broccoli and Corn Chowder

Chunks of broccoli, cubes of potato, and crispy corn are simmered in a creamy herb broth. This is a very hearty soup, or more aptly stew. The original recipe called for cooking bacon in a pan and then sauteing an onion in the rendered fat, but I decided to fore go the bacon and cook the onion in a little butter instead. The soup did need a boost in flavor, so I added extra dried herbs and seasonings like garlic salt and cumin. Just a pinch and dash of each. I think the bacon gives it a depth of flavor that you need to replace if you leave it out.

I like to use the stalks of my broccoli. I just peel off the outer layer with a veggie peelers and then chop them small so they cook evenly with the florets. The stalks have great flavor and it's so much waste if you just throw them away.

This soup was very tasty. The broccoli was slightly crisp and the corn and potatoes gave it a great texture. I picked up a loaf of fresh rosemary bread and it was so good dipped in the broth. I would make this again and maybe next time try adding some cauliflower. I think that would go well with the broccoli.
Recipe is from Marthastewart.com


shauna said...

Today would make a good broccoli & corn chowder day, with the yummy bread I noticed sitting on the side of your bowl. I heard it was so good it got eaten all up!

Made the lemon custard cakes last night. We really enjoyed them. Just had another for a snack. Mine sunk down to about half the size overnight though. Still light and fluffy & yummy.

One on the way said...

This soup was good. I can't vouch for the bread though :)

I'm glad the lemon cakes were good, albeit a little flat.


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