Tuesday, September 16, 2008

B L T...M's

My mom made me a delicious sandwich the other day. It was her take on the classic BLT.

First she toasted some hearty wheat bread and spread one of the slices with a little butter (no mayo or miracle whip) then just like it's spelled she layered on bacon, lettuce, tomato (sprinkled with a little salt and pepper) and then topped it off with a fresh piece of mozzarella. It was so tasty and fresh. The smoky bacon paired with crisp lettuce and a juicy garden tomato is about as good as it gets. The mozzarella doesn't add any flavor, but it adds a nice texture to balance everything out.


sandwich maker said...

I could eat those everyday. They are very tasty. You almost think you are eating healthy.

One on the way said...


shauna said...

Everytime I look at this blog I start to eat. It gives me the munchies.


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