Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Crispy Garlic Potatoes

In the new issue of Everyday Food there is a recipe for yummy crispy potatoes.

You use red potatoes and slice them very thin so they bake up quickly and get nice and brown.
Then you make a garlic paste with fresh garlic cloves and salt and add in some olive oil. You toss the potato slices with garlic oil and bake them at a high temperature to get them crispy.

These turned out really good. Crispy and garlicky with the right amount of salt. I sat on the couch and snacked on these like chips. Pretty tasty, quick and easy.

They did call for some dried herbs, but I just kept it simple with the salt and garlic.


shauna said...

I didn't potatoes could look so yummy!

Tater lovin' said...

How high a temperature?

One on the way said...

Around 425' or 450' so they get crispy and brown. Yum.


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