Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Cost of Tom Turkey

And so it begins......

My husband and I volunteered to host Thanksgiving at our house this year. We have never cooked a turkey or hosted Thanksgiving, but we're excited and I've been doing plenty of research. We're having 25 lovely guests over (22 Adults - 2 kids - 1 baby) and we're in charge of making a delectable bird. And as far as turkey goes, it's 1 - 1.5 lbs of turkey per person. So we'll need a whopping 33 lbs of turkey (factoring in just the adults)! We'll be deep frying one 10-12 lb bird and baking one 22-24 lb bird.

I've been pricing turkeys at grocery stores by my house and here's what our feathered friend costs.

Whole Foods (for natural, fresh turkeys)
10 - 12 lb = $23.88
22 - 24 lb = $47.76
Total: $71.64
Dan's Market
Frozen: .99cents per lb

Basted: $1.29 per lb
Natural: $1.79 per lb
Organic: $ 1.79 per lb
Butterball: $1.15
Norbest: $1.19

Natural: $1.69

Special: Buy $25 worth of groceries and get any frozen turkey for .38 cents per lb
Fresh .88 cents per lb

Liberty Heights Fresh
Fresh Plain: $2.59 per lb
Fresh Brined: $5.99 per lb

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