Monday, June 18, 2012

Rosemary Toast w/ Avocado

There used to be a wonderful bakery in Salt Lake City that made the most simple, but delicious breakfast. They called it the Lindsey Gardens.

One slice of homemade rosemary bread is toasted and spread with butter. A top the fragrant bread sits perfectly cooked and seasoned fried eggs. The crowning on this glorious egg and toast are slices of creamy, ripe avocado. There's just something about this combination of ingredients and flavors that made for a delicious breakfast that my family and friends would keep going back for.
Serve this with a side of fresh fruit and maybe some tomato slices or breakfast potatoes and you've got an easy and delicious breakfast in no time!

Rosemary Toast w/ Egg and Avocado
1 loaf Rosemary Bread, cut into slices
Avocado, cut into slices
Salt and Pepper

Toast slices of rosemary bread (or you could use your favorite bread and sprinkle fresh or dried rosemary on your cooked egg). Butter bread. Fry two eggs and season with salt and pepper. Top rosemary toast with eggs and slices of avocado.

Love the egg yolk that runs out and mixes with the bread and avocado!


Jennifurla said...

I would kill for that right now. What a fab lunch

Shauna said...

As soon as I have garden tomatoes, I'm in.

Bake-A-Holic said...

A tomato under the egg would be yummy too!

jojo said...

Yum. Which place had that dish? Avenues Bakery?

Bake-A-Holic said...

Yes, Avenues Bakery. I believe they opened another cafe in the avenues area. Have you been?? Salt Lake has quite the restaurant scene now! Dayton I'm afraid is sorely lacking.

jojo said...

Yes, it's called Third Avenue Bistro or something to that effect. It's okay. And yes, restaurant scene is indeed impressive - time for you to move back and open your bakery!!!

Maria said...

What a great way to start the day!


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