Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Pre-Thanksgiving Results

The apple sausage stuffing was phenomenal! Everyone that tried it had thirds and fourths. It was excellent and will be making an appearance on our thanksgiving table, along with the traditional turkey stuffing. The cranberries were also fantastic. The spices and orange zest made them irresistible. If you like cranberries, these are the ones make for turkey day. The turkey was the least exciting. I think Thanksgiving is about all the yummy sides anyways. But, back to the turkey. It was fairly flavorful and moist , but nothing special.

I went to a friends house the other day and she told me how her Greek dad makes his turkey, so I will be making mine this way for Thanksgiving.

Turkey the Greek Way -
Truss and clean the turkey, pat dry. Melt one stick of butter and pour over the turkey, making sure to coat the entire bird. Sprinkle the turkey all over with salt, oregano, sage and pepper (my friend said Greeks flavor everything with oregano). Loosely stuff the bird with one chopped onion and one cup of celery. Inside a turkey oven bag, place 2 cups of chopped celery and a few cups of water (the celery and water help keep the turkey super moist in the bag). Place the turkey in the bag on top of the celery, tie shut and make a few slits in the top of the bag. Place turkey in a roasting pan and bake at 350 for recommended time, based on weight.

*I'll also be adding some butter under the skin and maybe a few more seasonings on top, like thyme and dried minced onion.

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