Saturday, December 5, 2009

My First Gig

A nice couple I know is having an open house at some condos they own. They're having a casual buffet and asked me to cater the dessert portion. I've baked so many goodies and taken them to countless parties, but I've yet to do a paid catering gig. It should be fun!

I need to prepare four desserts that don't require anything more than a napkin and your fingers. The party is on the 15th and I will be delivering the delicious treats one hour before said start time.

Tentative Dessert Menu:
Carrot Cake Cookies
Mini Fruit Tartlets
Peppermint Sandwich Cookies
Orange Brownies (Not chocolate based. Vanilla-orange ones)

This will be a good variety of desserts and they'll all be simple to pick up and nibble. I'll be serving the desserts on tiered glass cake stands. I think appearance is just as important as taste. If it looks good, people will want to try it. It it tastes good they'll come back for more.

Wish me luck!


Cory said...

Great news, Summer! I'm sure everything will be tasty and pretty.

shauna said...

This could be the start of your cookie career


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