Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cooking Club: July

Theme: Local Cuisine
Any original Utah dish (there are many memorable ones) or eats/sweets from a local company

Jodi (host): Jell-O cups, Onion rings and fry sauce, Chicken Salad Sandwiches
Linda: Zucchini bread with honey butter (made from local honey)
Summer: Assorted Cheeses from Beehive Cheese Co.
Susan: Wasatch Beer
Gale: Ice Cream Pie
Summer: Fresh Frozen Strawberry Yogurt
Betty: Party Potatoes
Chris: Dark Chocolate
Shauna: Great Salt Lake Salt Water Taffy
 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
Cheese Platter
A mixture of yummy cheeses from the Beehive Cheese Co. Including habanero cheese curds (squeaky cheese), award winning barely buzzed cheese, and the new seahive cheese (rubbed with Beehive wildflower honey and local Redmond RealSalt.) All the cheeses were delicious! These ones came from Liberty Heights Fresh.
A rose by any other name...
Party Potatoes, Funeral Potatoes, Ward Potatoes...whatever you call them, they're just plain creamy potato goodness. You can make them with different types of potatoes (shredded, cubed, tater tots) and top them with various things like corn flakes, saltines, potato chips. Always delicious. A true Utah classic.
Jell-O Cups
Jell-O is Utah's official state snack food
I've heard of many tasty ingredients added to this mormon potluck staple, like shredded carrots, pineapple, raisins. cottage cheese... mmm. Who wouldn't love congealed carrot salad?
Baby Shower/Wedding Sandwiches
Hasn't everyone been to a baby shower or even a wedding and seen of platter of these sandwiches? A chicken salad mixture is layered on croissants (or bread of choice) and topped with sliced cheese. These gems are usually washed down with sprite and water.
Zucchini Bread with Honey Butter
What better way to use up all those summertime zucchinis than a freshly baked loaf of zucchini bread?! Slather it with homemade honey butter, and you're set.
• • • • •
Amano Chocolate
We did a taste test of this local, gourmet dark chocolate against Lindt dark chocolate and Amano was the clear winner.

From the Amano site...
"Our newest bar, Chuao is made from cocoa beans exclusively from Chuao, Venezuela. These are widely considered to be the finest quality cocoa beans in the world. The flavor is absolutely amazing!"

Ice Cream Pie
Utahans love their ice cream (have you ever seen the lines at Russell’s at a Jazz game in the dead of winter??)

What better to celebrate strawberry season then with two yummy frozen desserts!
Ice-cream pie and...

Fresh Frozen Strawberry Yogurt
Refreshing and delicious! Made with local strawberries.

Great Salt Lake Salt Water Taffy
Since we always have plenty of food, Shauna opted to make goodie bags with salt water taffy for everyone to take home. Very cute.
After we had our taste-of-utah feast, we enjoyed local beer from Wasatch Brewery in Jodi's scenic back yard.
I had to add these cute bears that Jodi and her neighbors had carved out of old tree stumps (by a local artist). 


Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

Taste of Utah party...fun idea!

shauna said...

It was a great time with a lot of laughs. Love the Cooking Club. I will post the pics of the ladies on my blog soon.

Bake-A-Holic said...

I always enjoy cooking club.

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

You won! Send me an email with your info. $25 gift certificate to Epic!


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