Thursday, August 9, 2012

Greek Salad Sandwiches

My mom came in town and whipped up these delicious and easy Greek salad sandwiches. I love all the flavors in the salad. Diced fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, salami, feta cheese and lettuce are tossed with Gerrads Greek Feta Dressing and stuffed into a hollowed out loaf of soft french bread. The soft bread houses the filling perfectly and keeps it from squishing out the sides.

These sandwiches are simple and full of flavor and great for lunch or dinner.

Try them, you won't be disappointed.

1 loaf of bread
tomatoes, diced
cucumbers, diced
lettuce, chopped
feta, cubed
salami, chopped
1 bottle of Greek Feta Dressing
Kalamata Olives, opt

Cut loaf of bread in half and hollow out center. Reserve bread pieces for another use or snack on them. Toss all salad ingredients together and stuff into one half of loaf and top with second half. Cut into slices. Enjoy!


coco said...

yummmyyyyyyyyy !!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

These look delicious! I like the salami addition for my hubby :-)


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