Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pies for Presents

My grandpa turns 88 on October 13th. So, Happy Birthday Grandpa! To celebrate his 88 years, we're having a nice family dinner at my grandparents house today. Some people are hard to buy for, such as my dad and my brother. I never know what to get them. My grandpa falls into this category. He's healthy for being 88, but he doesn't like to go out much, except for maybe a trip to Red Lobster or a buffet once in awhile. He really has everything he needs and he's content and happy with all he has. So, I decided for a man who enjoys eating and always insists on desserts with every meal, pies would be the perfect gift.

He goes through stages with the kinds of pies he likes, sometimes it's lemon cream or triple chocolate or berry. So I asked him what he wanted and he chose Razleberry. Razleberry is a combination of raspberries, blueberries, boisenberries and blackberries. So, I used my cherry pie recipe as a guide and created my own razleberry pie.

I made two pies. One, a cherry almond cheesecake and the second, a mixed berry pie with an orange zest crust. They turned out really well. If you want me to post the recipes, let me know.


shauna said...

No need to give me the pie recipes, I've got you! And yes everyone they were delish!

One on the way said...

Awww. Thanks mom.


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