Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Thanksgiving Pie

We have two Turkey Day dinners to go to this year. My Aunt is having my side of the family to her place in the early afternoon and my husband's mom is having us over around dinner time.

I'm in charge of baking pies for both dinners and I'm starting to look through my recipes to get an idea of what I want to make.

Cranberry Orange Pie

I thought I would ask and see what kinds of pies you all like to have on Thanksgiving. Do you prefer traditional pumpkin pie? or do you like variations of that like pumpkin cheesecake? or do you like something seasonal but different like cranberry or apple or pecan?

So, what do you like to finish the meal off with? and what are you going to make for turkey day?


shauna said...

I like two slices of pie for dessert at Thanksgiving; a slice of pumpkin pie (any type) and a slice of a cranberry pie (any type). All the others you eat year around so I enjoy the seasonal ones. But, I can enjoy any kind of pie anytime! So whenever you make a pie just let me know, and I'll be there to savor it with you.

One on the way said...

I will be testing many pies in the coming weeks. I'll call you over for an unbiased tasting opinion :)

I'm going to try two different pumpkin pies, one made with heavy cream and the other with evaporated milk. Then I'll test a pecan pie recipe from Martha Stewart's baking handbook and then cranberry chess pie from William Sonoma. Fat City here I come!


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