Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Party at the Park

For my daughters forth birthday tomorrow, we're having a celebration with her cute pint-sized friends at the park. For dessert, I decided to do something different and have an ice cream sundae bar.

Kids love ice cream and they'll enjoy heaping on all their favorite toppings!

Ice Cream Flavors:

Vanilla Bean
Loaded Cookie Dough

Sprinkles (by far the kid favorite)
Mini chocolate chips
Gummy Bears
Candy Bar Pieces
Fresh Berries
Chocolate Syrup
Mini Marshmallows
Small homemade chocolate cookies
Crushed Oreo's
Homemade whipped cream

Since we're doing the ultimate sundae bar, we're not having cake. Between the toppings and the gooey chocolate cookies, there will be plenty of satisfying sweets.

For food we're having pizza and I'm going to make a big tossed salad to go on the side. We want to keep it simple, but nice. When all is said and done, we'll have spent a hundred dollars or less. That includes the food, decorations, entertainment and party favors. If you're crafty, you can make some cute birthday frippery to keep the party cost down.

For my daughters birthday we're making embellished party hats and a cute personalized party banner. She choose her favorite colors for the hat and we just used odds and ends of different crafting material I had to decorate the hats and banner. I created my own templates for both. You can find also find templates online.

You can use anything to decorate the party hats. We used paper flowers, feathers, pom pom balls, stickers, decorative yarn, etc. For the chin strap you can use a piece of yarn or coated elastic (craft stores).

For the banner, I decorated the pendant flags with various embellishments that reminded me of my daughter and the things she's into now. I also put her name and age on some and I'll include pics of her from when she was a baby until now. I print out the photos on regular paper and cut them out and paste them on. To link the flags together you can sew them, leaving an inch or two between each one or punch holes on the outer corners and use yarn...there are many ways to make one!
I'll post pics of the finished crafts and party in a few days! We're off to a good start though. Should be fun. I'm excited to see how it all turns out!


Jacinda said...

4!! How can it be?!? Looks so cute!

Tara said...

Looks like an awesome party! I love the sundae bar idea.

shauna said...

I will give you my camera so you can post the party pics. Sorry for the delay. Great job, Summer!

Summer said...

The party was fun! The kids really liked the sundae bar. I'll post more pics of how everything turned out!


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