Monday, January 10, 2011

Bakery Hopping!

Life is uncertain.  Eat dessert first.  
~Ernestine Ulmer
My mom and I had been talking about hitting some local bakeries for a while. There were a few places we had heard about and wanted to try. We made a list and set off with my little girls to check out some of the hot bakeries in the Draper area.
* * * 
Our Sweet Agenda:
Nothing Bunbdt Cakes
Beyond Glaze
The Sweet Tooth Fairy
Coffee from a local joint

First stop, Nothing Bundt Cakes. Then we visited Beyond Glaze (with a side trip next store to a new sandwich shop called Port of Subs. We needed something to balance out the sugar didn't we?). Then we went to one of my favorite bakeris The Sweet Tooth Fairy. After we gathered up all of our goodies we swung by a coffee hut in Murray and ended up at my mom's to enjoy our treats.
Nothing Bundt Cakes
At Nothing Bundt Cakes the miniature bundtletes lived up to the hipe. The red velvet cake is one of the most popular flavors and it didn't disappoint! The cake is super, uber moist and the cream cheese frosting is delicious. The bundlettes are $3.99 for one, but size-wise it's large enough for two to share. The only gripe we had about this place is that there wasn't any seating to sit and enjoy our bundt cake. I think it's nice to go into a bakery and get a treat and maybe some coffee and sit and relax. Oh well. The cakes range in price from $3.99 for a small individual cake to $39.50 for a 10-inch cake. You can also get tiered cakes and bundtletes by the dozen.
Beyond Glaze

Beyond Glaze offers basic glazed donuts with fun, gourmet toppings. It's a unique concept. My little girl picked out the cookies and cream donut below and my mom and I choose a coconut cream one to share. Both donuts were quite tasty. If I was in the area, I would probably bop in and splurge on a donut. They run about $1.85 each. We also picked up a cream cheese and strawberry pastry. That was really tasty and one of the favorite treats we tasted. The strawberry filling wasn't overly sweet and the glazed pastry shell was delicious. These would be great with a cup of coffee. My first impression when walking in the bakery was that it was dimly lit and quite sparce. The donuts were pretty to look at, but the cases looked rather bare. After buying a donut here, I would search out a more welcoming place to eat it in.

The Sweet Tooth Fairy
I love The Sweet Tooth Fairy! It's everything I picture a great bakery to be. Quaint, brightly lit, friendly service, grorgeous dessert cases and just enough seating to stop in and enjoy a cupcake or treat. All their baked goods are yummy. They have a large vairety of cupcakes, frosted cookies, macaroons, bars, brownies and of course, cake bites (which they're famous for). I've tried many of the cupcake flavors, so on our visit to the draper location we went with one I hadn't tried before, peanut butter and chocolate. One thing The Sweet Tooth Fairy does well is frosting. I think their frosting is to die for. They use fresh ingredients to flavor their many frostings and this peanut butter cupcake was a great example. The peanut butter frosting tasted like fresh ground peanuts with the perfect amount of sweetness. Luckily there is a Sweet Tooth Fairy by my house! Cupcakes run about $2.50, brownies $1.99, frosted cookies .99 and cake bites .99.

The bundt cake got dropped so it doesn't look that appealing in the pic below but, here are all of our yummy desserts we tried out.
There is a small coffee hut kitty corner from the Murray trax station. We decided to forego the big box coffee houses and stop by this coffee hut. They had a full menu and made a great cup of piping hot coffee with cheap prices to boot. Also, uniform police, firefighters and UTA employees get free drip coffee everyday! Sweet! Another plus, the full size cozies on the cups! Very nice.

* * * * * *
Our next bakery hop will be to the bakeries in down town Salt Lake. If you have any must-try bakeries that we should hit, let us know!


Victoria (The District Chocoholic) said...

Bakery hopping is far superior to bar hopping, in my opinion. Looks like a blast.

Frieda said...

I have resisted these treats as they are practically in my back yard! Thanks to your sweet reviews, I'm going to have to stop in!

Sweet tooth said...

It was a sweet day with my sweet girls. I am going to throw your link up on face book, as it is such a sweet idea.

Bake-A-Holic said...

It was really fun. I'm excited to hit the down town bakery scene!

H said...

Wow, that cookies and cream doughnut looks like nothing I've ever seen before. Bravo! They just opened up a Sprinkles cupcake behind the BJs Pizza.

Anonymous said...

All of the desserts sound delicious, but I haven't heard of the bundt cake bakery so I'm going to have to hit it next time I'm up that way.

Bake-A-Holic said...

H: Let me know what you think of Sprinkles! We'll have to stop there next time I'm in town. Never been to one before, but I know they are/were all the rage.

Burntapple: Nothing Bundt Cakes is definitely worth the stop if you're passing through the Draper area. They only offer bundt cakes, but they have lots of tasty flavors!


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