Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Restaurant Review

Masala Indian Grill
Fast-food Indian restaurant in the Sugarhouse area. Located just west of Tsunami and Movies 10. Owned by the same family that runs Curry in a Hurry. 2223 South Highland. Delivery/Take-Out: 801-487-2994

The Menu:
Naan wraps ($6), Chicken - Lamb - Fish and Vegetarian Dishes ($8-10), Masala ($8), Naan ($2), Samosas ($1), Chutneys ($1), Rice and Fries ($2.50), and Speciality Drinks (Lassi's, Iced Chai Lattes) ($3).

The famous naan wraps. The Thandoori Chicken Wraps are a local favorite!

What Makes it Special?
Family-owned and local. 
Fresh Thandoori Naan made daily on their imported thandoori oven. 
One-of-kind Naan Wraps
Offers Vegan Dishes

Next time I need an Indian food fix on the fly, I'll be heading back to Masala. All the dishes and sides we ordered were tasty and fresh and the prices were very reasonable. The restaurant is clean and cozy and the service was friendly. 

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